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How does myStrength help?

  • Proven Tools for Your Mind, Body and Spirit

    Help you learn to reduce stress, anxiety, depression or substance use.

  • Free and Convenient

    With web and mobile apps you'll have support at home and on-the-go.

  • Personal and Private

    Your homepage is made for you. myStrength is secure and private.

  • Engaging and Inspirational

    Activities help you learn new ideas while keeping you motivated!

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“I love all the positive energy it presents. No matter what kind of day I am having, it makes me feel better.”

myStrength User

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myStrength mental health applications

What You'll Find on myStrength

  • Personalized Workouts

    Complete your new custom set of activities every day to support your mental health.

  • Positive Inspiration

    Find hope with our community of users. We also help you build your own goals.

  • Monitor Progress

    Use your MoodTracker and wellness assessments. You can see how you're doing with the myStrength phone app too.

  • Rock-solid advice

    Explore videos and articles from leading clinicians. Discover sound tips on relationship and health topics.

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